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While my formal background is a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (Utah State University class of 1987), that traditional design skill set has served me well as a foundation both in my career as a commercial Landscape Architect and for my other related pursuits.

Something new starting April 2015: Twenty-eight years after graduating I've returned to my alma mater Utah State University and the Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning program. Over the coming years I'll have the distinct honor and privilege to be working with an incredibly talented group of faculty, students, alumni, and other industry professionals as a member of the L.A.E.P. Advancement Board. A heart felt thank you also goes out to LAEP Department head Dr. Sean Michael, and fellow board members, for their vote of confidence in allowing me to join them on this journey. I'd be remiss if I didn't recognize the huge part my parents played in getting me an education at USU in the first place, and the family and friends, clients and co-workers, who supported me throughout that journey and beyond. Of course without the efforts of my charming wife Paula Rosson (and fellow 'true' Aggie!) this opportunity to give back to USU, on behalf of both of us, would absolutely not be possible! The experience will no doubt be filled with opportunities for me to both help and learn, and I look forward to contributing to the process. Go Aggies!

My digital graphics and Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) background began with main-frame C.A.D. systems in the early 1980's and started to take off in earnest in the late 1980's/early 1990's when desktop C.A.D. systems were emerging. Someone had to champion that marriage of traditional design and hand drawing skill sets with technology, and the duality of that challenge appealed to both my creative and technical nature. Being on the technological 'bleeding edge' afforded me numerous hands on learning experiences for everything from designing and wiring computer networks and running servers, to developing pioneering graphic techniques that are still used today by many in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. I still find it amusing that in addition to traditional Landscape Architectural career requirements I managed to fit all that in. Photography in particular has been a passion since I was a young boy and over the years I’ve been able to marry my professional applied art design background, love for travel and adventure, fine-art processes, and digital skill sets with my passion for fine-art photography.

It's the creative + technical marriage of technology with applied arts and fine-arts in our daily jobs and lives that still fascinates and drives me to keep learning and pushing boundaries. In fact it's that constant learning and development that's lead to the two cornerstones of products and services I now offer through the huc .: creative and caddpower .: guru websites. It's nice to be able to mix pleasure and profit.

So, drop me an email to learn more or just to say hello and chat. I do my best to reply reasonably quickly but clearly sometimes that’s not possible due to volume of email or other commitments. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

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