Breaking News Engineered Software has called an end to development of PowerCADD. See this link for additional information. After decades of personal and professional use - from being an early adopter, producing professional production work, then as a beta tester, technical writer, trainer and consultant, it has been a great run. However, with EngSWs announcement I've decided to finally pull the plug on the website. While we had/have hundreds of articles and tutorials posted since the early 1990's that content grew stale and obsolete as PowerCADD started to fade in the past 3 years. So here's a heart felt thank you all the visitors, clients, and friends who visited and were able to leverage the content to make working with technology a bit easier and more understandable. I'll still be around in retirement doing the odd bit of technical and design consulting, and will continue to use PowerCADD on my legacy hardware for the odd projects. However, as I told many long time friends and clients 3 years ago, it's time for a new plan. I had a blast and a technology run with PowerDraw and PowerCADD for about 3 decades (starting around 1989 and running to todays announcement in 2021) which feels pretty solid! I'm grateful to have known many of the original founders of PowerCADD (Engineered Software) and some of the current crew for a great many years. Here's hoping they find success in other endeavors.


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