Bill Schuchholz

Ten years ago, I purchased the PowerCadd and Wild Tools package of software. I quickly realized that my senior citizen brain needed some help with the learning curve which was seeming to be daunting, to say the least. I was referred to Brian for training, and trained I am. I am landscape designer whose original drawing tools consisted of a wooden drawing board, a T square, a scale, some triangles and a handful of wooden #2 pencils. Diving into the digital world of drafting was very scary. Thanks to Brian for saving my sanity, and getting me off in the right, profitable direction.

Even after my initial training sessions with Brian, he continues to be an invaluable resource. He is quite accessible: on one occasion I called him and after hearing my dilemma he asked if he could call me back at the bottom of the hill, having just gotten off the chairlift at the top of one of Breckenridge’s slippery slopes. In addition to being adept at using and teaching PowerCadd, his professional background in the digital world of landscape architecture has given him a thorough understanding of Auto Cadd, the drawing application used by thousands of architects, landscape architects and graphic designers who still haven’t figured out that Apples are easier on the digestion than Windows. Good to know when one of those clunky files lands on your desktop and you need to know how to use it.

I consider Brian to be my digital guru. I keep him in a folder, and let him out when I run up against a drawing challenge that just won’t resolve at my hand. I’ll gladly share him with the rest of the world.

Bill Schuchholz

Principal and only employee

Planit Landesign

Principal - Planit LanDesign