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Some fun experimenting on where creative thinking can take a simple black and white graphic design element.

It’s pronounced ZED, not ZEE, ZED. The ramblings of a slightly insane Canadian. Simply an ad-hoc collection of my personal thoughts, musings, or anything else that comes to mind. Anything is fair game; some serious, some frivolous.

As an amateur guitarist I like to noodle around with garage band

When I think I need a better tool (be it physical or digital) with more bells and whistles, I stop and look carefully at the situation. Then I look at dad's hammer sitting on my book case next to my office chair. Then I reach for a piece of sand paper. More often than not I learn something new about what I already have or learn where my own skill set needs to improve first.

U.S. Department of Energy Website, June 2005, Website of the Month

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, 2000, Regional Merit Award